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Offshore Decommissioning Services

As offshore oil and gas assets approach the end of their lifecycle, the decommissioning process is crucial to the energy industry. Decommissioning involves the safe and efficient removal of offshore structures, equipment, and pipelines. Shore Offshore Services is a leading provider of offshore decommissioning services that value industry standards, safety, and environmental awareness.

Unlike other offshore construction companies, we have the ability to decommission and recycle offshore platforms. Our turnkey offshore decommissioning services give you the ultimate advantage. We promise to complete every step of the job and ensure the most cost-effective approach for your project.

Platform Decommissioning & Installations

Our platform decommissioning and installation service includes the safe and efficient removal and installation of offshore structures.

  • Review and rectification of hazards dealing with “out of commission” platforms
  • Modular removal of platforms
  • Removal and/or reefing of jackets
  • Recycling of structures with the affiliated company Modern American Recycling Services, Inc.

Wind Farm Installation

Our comprehensive range of services includes full support for wind farm installations both offshore and dockside.

  • Installation of windmill bases including monopiles and jackets
  • Dockside support with “Jones Act” compliant heavy lift assets
  • Collaboration with local unions

Vessel Salvage

Our salvage services offer prime contractors and subcontracting solutions for the efficient and safe removal of marine casualties.

  • Open water heavy lift support of salvage operations
  • Wreck sectioning and transportation for recycling
  • Member of the American Salvage Association
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Thruster Swaps/ Removals & BOP Lifts Offshore

With our comprehensive support, including diving and logistics, you can trust us to ensure a smooth and successful operation.

  • Open water swap of Thrusters, BOPs, and other vessel equipment
  • Provide any level of support including diving and logistics

Platform Decommissioning Preparatory Work

With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to handle every aspect of the preparatory work – ensuring you have a clear plan for the decommissioning process.

  • Sectioning platforms prior to Heavy Lift Vessel arrival
  • Installation of lifting aids and work platforms
  • Checking and remediating remaining hydrocarbons

Dockside Heavy Lift

From loading and unloading cargo to transporting heavy equipment and machinery, we offer comprehensive dockside lifting services tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Movement of cargo to and from docks or floating assets
  • Load in/out of drilling packages
  • Able to perform these activities anywhere

Water-Based Civil Construction

With our extensive knowledge and experience in marine construction, we can handle any project, big or small.

  • Support for the installation of Bridges, Piers, Docks, Locks, etc.
  • Larger capacity equipment allows for larger lifts
  • Able to travel to any port worldwide

Decommissioning Consulting & Project Management

We offer a range of services to help you plan, manage, and execute your decommissioning project from start to finish.

  • Project planning services from permitting through removal and recycling
  • Retirement Obligation estimates
  • Project Management of offshore decommissioning projects

Pipeline Removals

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for pipeline removals, ensuring safe and environmentally responsible operations.

  • Removal of pipeline segments where a heavy lift is needed
  • Reverse S-lay for large-diameter pipeline removals in shallow water
  • Driverless solutions for subsea segmenting and removal of pipeline

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